2018 Houston Nationals
January 13 - 14, 2018

To Wrestle at Open State, a wrestler needs:
  1. 3 qualifiers at the lowest weight and division
  2. Wrestling a qualifier at a weight lower than what you want to wrestle at open state will count for a higher weight. But that does not work in reverse (wrestling @ 80lbs is not a qualifier to wrestle in regional at 75lbs.)
  3. Zero qualifiers required for rookie state and novice state.

Tournament Weigh In Rules

  1. Wrestlers must make Weight Class identified on entry form or they will not wrestle - ONE SHOT ON THE SCALE (plus IMMEDIATE challenge)
  2. No move ups will be allowed.
  3. One Weight / One Division
  4. Wrestlers must weigh-in wearing competition singlet only.
  5. No strip downs will be allowed.
  6. Weight allowance for Houston Nationals per Texas USA rules; see Texas USA Weights.  1 pound allowance fro Tots through Division 3.  2 pound allowance for Divisions 4 & 5.
  7. All wrestlers must have a USA Card to weigh in.
Tournament Format
  1. Double elimination, with challenge for 2nd place.
  2. Time periods: Tot-D1:1 - 1 - 1;  D2-D5: 1 1/2 - 1 1/2 - 1 1/2
  3. Referee decisions are final.
  4. Birth certificates must be available on request.
  5. Protest on age or weight must be made before the start of the first match of the tournament.
Tournament Rules
  1. National Federation High School Rules with Texas USAW Modifications
  2. Skin disorders will require doctor notification and clearance (on officially promulgated form)
  3. Skin and fingernails will be checked.
  4. Headgear mandatory for all wrestlers.
  5. Singlets and secured shoelaces are required for all wrestlers.
  6. Only two coaches per corner on the mat (and photographer)
  7. All coaches must display proof of Copper Certification (or better) and a USA coach's card on lanyard around neck - PHOTO ID BADGE REQUIREMENT STRICTLY ENFORCED (limited number of temporary visitor coach badges may be available)